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Jackson ATA Martial Arts

Building a community of leaders.

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Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts

These amazing Jackson kids martial arts classes pack fitness, fun, and self-defense into every session. Plus, your child develops powerful skills like confidence, focus, discipline, and more! Click now to learn more!


Adult Taekwondo

Learn the same powerful tactics that the Korean army teaches their soldiers in these Jackson Tae Kwon Do classes. And as your skills progress, watch your confidence rise, your focus grow, and your fitness improve. Click now to learn more.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga

It's the world-famous martial art that uses your body's natural instincts to teach you self-defense, FAST. Our Jackson Krav Maga classes are the best in town. Click now to learn more!

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing

Fun, fat-melting kickboxing moves make the hour fly by. Passionate instructors challenge you to surpass your limits. A friendly community of members makes you smile. Come try out our classes today!

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Enroll your child (or children!) in a program that will teach them respect, focus, discipline and more - while letting them have a TON of fun!

Martial arts meets summer vacation in our amazing summer camp that parents (and their kids!) simply love.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Give your kid the time of their life with a party they'll rave about for months later. Plus, you get to relax! We’ve got all the heavy lifting covered. Click to learn more!

After School

After School

Enroll your child in an enriching, fun after school program - that provides transportation! Your child's school bus will drop them off right to our dojo for an afternoon full of martial arts... fun & games... exercise... homework... and lessons on life.

Bully Proof

Bully Proof

As a parent, you'll love our birthday parties. After all, we have all the bases covered. You get to just sit back, enjoy your child having the time of his or her life, and chat with other parents.

Your kid will be engrossed in games, activities, great food and more in every moment. And they'll feel like a total star too when they teach their friends the martial arts they've been learning.

About Our School

Jackson ATA Martial Arts: The Mission Statement of Our Jackson Martial Arts School

Friend - welcome to our website. It's a pleasure to have you. Our school is all about our community's men, women, and children. Our mission is to make our community fitter, stronger, and safer through martial arts.

Plus - while it's powerful self-defense and fitness for adults, it's also a character-building program for children, helping them get more focused, respectful, and disciplined.

Here's how we achieve this:

Our instructors truly "know their stuff". They've trained for years, and continue to do so. We keep our skills up to par through constant practice and we're always learning more. That way, we'll have answers to every one of your questions. We'll have experience and knowledge to help you with every one of your challenges. And wisdom to teach you each technique in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way.

Safety truly comes first here. From our professional equipment, to the design of our facility - everything is geared toward keeping you safe and injury-free. That way your martial arts experience will be as fun and enjoyable as possible. From stretching every limb of your body, to promoting support and friendship amongst all of our students, we promise to keep you safe and sound.

Confidence. Discipline. Focus.
We strive to not just teach you the raw techniques of martial arts - but to help you uncover its ancient wisdom to better your life. After just a short time with us you'll notice more confidence in your everyday life, more focus in your work, and more energy too... we aim to guide you through the ancient teachings of martial arts to help you in all areas of your life.

We clean the studio from top to bottom every single day. Every time you come, you can count on hygiene and professionalism. This makes the studio feel positive and uplifting.

Learning martial arts is a true challenge. That's why we're here for you through it all. We'll give you motivation when you need a little nudge, guidance when you run into trouble with techniques, and inspiration too. Plus, your fellow members will give you the same. We're a tight-knit community here, and we'd love to have you.

Finally - our programs are FUN. You'll laugh. You'll smile. And the time will fly by. Class is a perfect balance of intense focus, challenge, and light-hearted fun. From lion cubs to children - fun play has been used for thousands of years as a powerful teacher. Now, as you embark in the new challenge of martial arts, it'll help you learn and absorb in a way that makes it easy to keep coming back.

Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

You can call our Jackson kids martial arts classes "family classes" because the parents of our students love these classes as much as their kids. And why not when the end-result is discipline and great sense of respect for kids of all ages! We focus on a well-rounded student; well behaved everywhere and a good performer in school.

Kids love our martial arts classes because we blend fun activities and games, and still dedicate pure focus time to learn new techniques while perfecting the old ones.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Our Jackson, NJ Tae Kwon Do classes focus on teaching you the core of what Tae Kwon Do is all about: fast, powerful strikes - and safe, flawless defense. That way, no matter where you are, you can feel secure in knowing that you have the techniques required to keep yourself and your family safe and sound.

In fact, you'll learn the same techniques used by the Korean Army for defense and fitness. Every class is a great workout that contributes to a slimming, healthy lifestyle. Click below to learn more.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Our Jackson Krav Maga classes are developed from the mid-1930s Jewish / Israeli history. In those years, anti-Semitic thugs dominated Bratislava and terrorized Jewish citizens. But a man named Imi Sde-Or, also Jewish, became their champion by defending them on the streets.

Imi Sde-Or, in his many street fights, realized that boxing and wrestling had no place in the "real world". He was an olympic contender in both, so no one knew boxing and wrestling better than he did. He took his experience on the street, combined it with what he already knew, and developed Krav Maga; a unique type of self-defense that utilizes natural instincts for self-protection. Get fit and develop self-defense by joining our Jackson Krav Maga classes.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Discover the new way of toning muscle, burning fat and boosting your energy, just like tons of other Jackson men and women. Our Jackson fitness kickboxing classes are super-fun and action-packed, also giving you the guidance of our caring, passionate instructors. Mix up your fitness routine by learning real-life kickboxing techniques just like pros.

We incorporate a broad range of pro equipment and exercises such as punching bags, real gloves, and mat floors to to make things exciting and fresh….while you burn calories, develop confidence and make friends. Just click now to get started risk-free!

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

A glimpse into our awesome summer camp: Smiling faces... kids focusing intently on learning martial arts techniques, and helping each other in partnered activities... applause and laughter as they accomplish feats that once seemed impossible... and pure goofiness as they play games and enjoy a bit of free time.

Our martial arts summer camp has lots of fun, games and martial arts. But it's also about helping kids see that with the right attitude, discipline, and focus - they can accomplish anything. Click to learn more.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... pizza (of course!)... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show!

They'll help teach martial arts to their friends... cut the birthday cake with a real sword (carefully supervised of course!)... and break a wooden board with just their hands or feet (if they've reached this level in their training). Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Our Jackson kids martial arts after school program gives you a safe, fun, and learning environment to leave your kids until you get off of work. And because we pick your child up from school, you know he/she is in great hands from the moment the bell rings until the moment you take them home.

In our program, kids get a great mixture of martial arts, healthy exercise, fun activities, focused lessons on life such as respect, discipline, and paying attention, and time to study and get homework done. It's truly the most enriching and fun program out there.

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Children's Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu

Bullies: They're in every school. But did you know that there are time-tested tactics that drive them away... before they ever get started? In this program, we give kids empowering tools for facing bullies. We teach them diplomacy, and how to end situations before they escalate. The result: your child becomes bully-free. And they inspire other kids to stand up to bullies too by showing them it can be done.

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